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CARDIGAN group, or CARDIGAN as it is known commercially, is a group of companies that do business internationally. Since our inception in 1996 we have offered equipment and products with the highest standards of quality. During its history, CARDIGAN has been synonymous with quality products and customer service, selling online marketplace equipment, raw materials and products for different types of agribusiness companies. CARDIGAN is committed to sharing global technology products and efficiently with all countries in Latin America. Represents, distributes and exports for U.S. manufacturers in North America, Japan and New Zealand, Lebanon, France, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, among others, equipment and products with the highest standards of quality. In 2005 began the process of expansion of the company within the region, in order to have a closer relationship with customers and provide better service. With continuous growth since its founding, the company has a strong commitment to resolve the individual requirements of businesses, corporations and governments that the company serves. In addition to our office in Guatemala (CARDIGAN, SA) have offices in the region, which are located in El Salvador (CARDIGAN El Salvador, SA de CV), Honduras (CARDIGAN Honduras, SA), Nicaragua (CARDIGAN Nicaragua, SA), Costa Rica (Aviagro Costa Rica, SA) and Panama (CARDIGAN Panama, SA).

Line of Business

Industry > Importers > Importers Business Equip and Supls

Brands We Carry

TandD, DeltaTRAK, ETI, Microclar, Termomecanica Pericolli, Bioclar, Continental Plastic, Menidi Medica, Cryopack, Switrace

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VISA MasterCard

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